What to Do If You Get a Negative Google Review?


Every unfavorable thinking does not include spam or false reviews. Once in a while, you will have no choice but get your hands filthy and deal with a customer’s issue head-on.
Use your empathy before you press “publish” on a bad review, which may or may not contain material you can verify. Kindness, humility, and temperance will help you keep your diplomatic credibility. It’s all about how you respond to negative feedback.
That is to say, the goal is not to re-satisfy the customer. Everything about your relationship with this person is doomed from the start.
 It’s pointless to respond, therefore.
 These testimonials demonstrate to your customers that you value their business.
 how to reply to a negative internet review
Verifying the consumer experience behind a bad review is helpful in this regard. It’s possible that an apology is in required, or that the whole event was a mistake. To be safe, even if you have no history of that person, you should investigate.
Here’s how to handle it if someone has given you a bad review:
 The research is much appreciated, as is the time you took to do it. As a consequence, both your personal and professional brand will be enhanced.
 The reviewer’s opinions and feelings should be reaffirmed. People want to be listened to and not brushed off.
 The best place to begin is by stating your goals for dealing with the problem.
 In order to clear up a misunderstanding, an explanation of why or how something occurred may be necessary
 The unpleasant experience is not typical of your or the company’s expectations, therefore insist on demonstrating this point to your satisfaction.
 Give them a means to contact you if they need more assistance.
Bret Talley opinion is that the more professional and happier your business seems, the more trustworthy it is.
It will be more noticeable if the incorrect reviewer has a bad day than if the right reviewer has a good day. As a result, the terrible reviewer will be labeled as one of “those” people on the Internet.