Protective Counter-Surveillance Tactics and Techniques



If you function in protection, it’s important to remain updated on the newest information-event strategies. Just about the most significant resources within a security professional’s collection is defensive intelligence gathering. But what is it? Listed below are five stuff you must know about this vital safety self-control.

1. Safety intellect (PI) is the proactive gathering and assessment of knowledge to recognize prospective hazards to an specific or firm.

2. The purpose of PI is usually to allow safety professionals to adopt techniques to minimize or neutralize identified risks just before they materialize.

3. PI takes in on many different sources, which include wide open-source knowledge (OSINT), man intellect (HUMINT), and signals intelligence (SIGINT).

4. Evaluation is a vital component of PI without it, uncooked data is not helpful.

5. PI works extremely well in a range of options, from business stability to countrywide security.


bodyguard courses knowledge collecting can be a essential self-discipline for any individual working in security. By keeping up-to-date about the most recent strategies and techniques, security professionals can be proactive in identifying and neutralizing prospective hazards before they materialize. This kind of learning ability collecting may include checking the actions of folks and organizations, studying on the internet places for info on probable risks, and studying designs or styles which could indicate an impending danger or assault. It also requires communication with additional stakeholders including law enforcement organizations to synchronize initiatives in figuring out hazards.