IronFX: The who and what


Online trading has become known with the growth of the world. IronFX is one of the global leaders providing online trading platforms to trade and earn.

Ironfx is an award-winning global company founded in 2010. It was established with the mission of providing the best trading conditions to the traders. They have been working to meet their mission.

IronFX enhances your trading experience by providing:
• One of the best trading platforms such as MT4 on your convenient device.
• Wide range of financial instruments to trade well-known assets.
• Analytical and Research tools.
• Educational content from industry experts.
• Accessible in multiple languages

There are many assets that one can use to trade. Here assets refer to tools or objects that one can invest in. Profit making and increment in the value of assets are the common intentions of investment. All the assets have their benefits and risks. What one should trade is a subjective matter.

IronFX provides you with an opportunity to trade in well-known six market assets. These assets are the best in the market and profitable as well. These assets include Forex, metals, commodities, futures, indices, and shares.

There are many financial instruments available in the market for trading. IronFX provides you with over 300 such instruments. Using these, one can efficiently trade the assets and gain profit.

Instruments refer to the method one chooses to invest in the asset and gain profit through this. One can choose to own an asset or just earn profit from its derivatives.

A derivative is a concept in which the value of the instrument depends on an underlying asset. If the market value of asset changes due to any reason the value of the derivative also changes. One can earn by speculating the change in asset value. It can be done using various methods such as CFD, spot, futures, and others available on IronFX.