How to plan a great hen party for a bride-to-be


When it comes to planning a hen party, usually the maid of honour and the bridesmaids are in charge of the planning. This team of power girls will exchange ideas and provide suggestions for making a wonderful night. As part of this team, you might be responsible for giving ideas about hen party games or reserving the party venue. So, if you are going to brainstorm with the rest of the team, here are a few things to keep in mind when you are planning a hen party:
Make it about the bride.
You and the rest of the team will definitely have your own preferences. But the bride’s preferences are what matter the most. So, you should make the whole night about what makes her happy. You shouldn’t leave any room for guessing or speculation. You can ask the bride directly about her wishes regarding this night.
The average age of the guests makes a difference.
When you are planning activities for a hen night, the age of guests will determine many elements of the party program. So, you can’t head to a strip club when you have the bride’s grandmother in the party. You should pick activities that can suit different ages. By doing so, the whole group can have some fun without being offended or less amused than the rest of the team.
Stick to the budget.
This is a very sensitive issue, as the cost is usually split between the bridesmaids. So, you shouldn’t make the group pay more than they should. Unless someone wants to indulge the bride out of their own pocket, you shouldn’t make expensive arrangements. You can plan something memorable that includes food, drinks, games, and a chic venue. Or you can make your own food to cut some expenses.
Don’t forget about games.
Games are an excellent way for the party’s guests to have loads of fun. It adds excitement and enthusiasm to the overall atmosphere. But you need to be selective about the games that could spice things up on this special night.